How to use the Nylon Wall Plugs? – TechBasha NZ

Nylon Wall Plugs

How to use the Nylon Wall Plugs? – TechBasha NZ

Nylon wall plugs are also known as anchor and Rawlplug. It is a plastic or fibre insert that you can use for enabling the screw attachment in the material. It is something thatis brittle or porous which wouldn’t include the supporting the object weightattached with the screw.

It is an anchor type which allows you to fitthe screws into masonry walls. Various form of Nylon wall plugs are there, butthe common principle is using the tapered tube of soft material like plastic.

It is inserted with a loose knot into the drilled hole, after that, you requireensuring the tightening of the screw into the center.

What you must know?

Once the screw enters the plug, you will notice that the Nylon Wall plugs begins expanding confirmation tightly to the wall material.

This kind of anchors leads to attaching one object to another in thesituations where adhesives, nails, screws, and other simple fasteners areunproductive or not viable.

You must comprehend that there are different forms that have different strength levels which is usable on the different surfaces types.

It is essential for you to know that wall plugs are crucial while hanging cabinets, shelves and mirrors.

Basically, everything you intend attaching toyour walls. You must know that the normal screw will not protectively stay inthe plasterboard or masonry if there is no wall plug.

They enhance protectively and grip the hole sides and will assist holding the screw in its place without walls damaging.

Nylon Wall plugs you must use

We all know one fact and that is every building requires a particular kind of Nylon wall plug. Nylon wall plug is one of the most favored ones these days.

Various kinds of wall plugs are available for every sort of situations and these frequently give a stronger mounting than the plugs that are universal.

6 x 30mm Nylon Wall Plug (1000)

After you discover the appropriate kind of wall plug for the task, then the next step is choosing the appropriate size.

The diameter of a drill bit is as similar to the diameter of the wall plug. Usually, it is represented on the wall plug, for instance, S6 for the wall plug and drill bit of 6mm diameter.

Types of Nylon Wall Plugs

Following are the types of wall plugs that you can use for different purposes:

Universal plug

When it comes to Nylon wall plug then you must go for a universal plug as it is available in different basic kinds.

When you begin tightening the screw, you will notice that plug begins to expand with which firmly anchoring gets easier.

You can easily fit the screw. You require ensuring that you are using the screw type which is correct for the wall plugs. Also, it has the right length and thickness for the wall plug use.

Hammer fixings

Hammer fixings are the wall plugs whichcomprise the steel nail or special screw which you can drive into place in theplug with a hammer.

It is something that is quicker than the use of a conventional screw. It is ideal for fitting plinths, window frames, wall cladding, ceiling panels, and fitting plinths.

If needed, then you can easily tighten the screw with the help of a screwdriver.

Butterfly wall plugs

The design of the Nylon wall plug is for the use of hollow walls and comprises two sections. If the screw is tight then the plug’s back part is folded towards the front plug.

The type has four wings and is perfect for mounting in shallow holes. You can make use of the wall plugs to hang the light mirrors, other light items and hanging paintings. 

This sort of plug offers you the robust strong in same materials and grip.


 The use of Nylon wall plug these days is in these days but users don’t have much understanding about it.

Hence, the above illustration helps you to comprehend everything that you must know the use of a wall plug. Make sure that you consider the elaboration for better comprehension.


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